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SafetyGifts is a series of promotional, antibacterial gels, hands and surfaces sprays with a personalized label. Thanks to SafetyGifts products, companies can effectively promote their image while taking care of safety and comfort during work and everyday activities!

All products from the SafetyGifts series effectively disinfect hands and surfaces – they contain up to 70% alcohol. They do not require rinsing, and at the same time do not dry the skin, because they are enriched with Aloe and Glycerin with a moisturizing-soothing and anti-irritation effect. An additional guarantee of safety is the fact that all products are registered by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products.

SafetyGifts is not only effective protection and safe formulas. It is also Polish, constantly controlled production, which means the highest quality. These are attractive prices, short lead times with a personalized label and minimum production of only 50 pieces.

This complete line of products is available in a variety of packaging types and capacities to meet a wide variety of needs. We offer liquids in bottles with an atomizer (sprays), gels in flip-top bottles and with a practical carabiner; with capacities from 10ml to 250ml. A real hit are sprays with a capacity of 10ml and 20ml due to their small, practical size (you can always have them with you) and an extremely attractive price. Gels in bottles with a carabiner are also becoming more and more popular. In addition to gels and liquids with personalized labels, the same articles with a standard label are available.